Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Hong Kong, Sunnybank

I had a lovely, quiet day today but wanted to go out to eat, so MLH and I braved the chilly, windy weather this evening to have dinner at Market Square!
We walked past all the restaurants before deciding on Little Hong Kong, in the middle of the centre.

As soon as I saw the glistening birds hanging from their hooks, I knew what I wanted - Roasted duck with greens and egg noodles!

MLH ordered the BBQ Pork with steamed vegetables, rice and plum sauce, and we also ordered some spring rolls. I didn't try his pork, or the spring rolls because I was too busy with my mountain of egg noodles. He said the pork was nice, but it didn't really taste like plum sauce. The spring rolls were very crispy and looked lovely and freshly cooked.

Our meals came out within 5 minutes, which was impressive as the restaurant was completely full! Wait staff were helpful and the prices are excellent for the size of the meals. Our bill was about $26 for 2 mains and an entree.
Ahh hooks of delicious crispy meats - this is my ultimate food porn :P

I love love love Market Square, it's always busy and fun and I never feel like I'm actually in Brisbane. Next visit I will be heading to Little Singapore. It was PACKED full of people and as we walked past, the sight and smell of everyone's meals was incredible!


  1. I love duck! Looks like Malaya Corner (my usual) has compeition!

  2. We walked past Malaya corner, I really want to try that restaurant too, the menu looked fantastic. :)