Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My pretty city

It's nearing the end of semester for Uni, so naturally I'm reaching catastrophic levels of procrastination!

In between studying at QUT Gardens Point, I took some time out for a relaxing stroll through the city. Sooo good to clear my head!

I love Gardens Point campus because it's right next to the Botanic Gardens. It was overcast and cold today, but a walk through the gardens seemed to suit my mood perfectly.

So random, I hadn't ever seen this statue before. Also I didn't realise how many fitness groups there are in the gardens around lunch time! It almost made me want to break into a run or start doing jumping jacks or something... almost.

Another discovery today was the Tea Room in Old Government House. They have the CUTEST mini cupcakes, for only $1 each and some pretty pretty tea's. Definitely making a visit for High Tea with the girls from uni after exams!

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