Friday, May 28, 2010

Lazy Saturday

The last 2 weeks at uni have been so crazy! I had 2 assignments due yesterday and have been leaving early and coming home late to get them finished.

I cannot express how wonderful it was to wake up of my own accord this morning, rather than to the lovely latin dance number I have set as my alarm. Despite the overcast weather, I went for a mid morning walk to get some fresh air and exercise.

My local block of shops is pretty lame.. They have a foodstore, post office, chemist etc.. but the building is kind of run-down and old. Since I've lived in the area, the Fruit and Veg shop has changed owners about 3 times, and the last owner had debt collectors after them, and were only operating for about 2 weeks.

When a friendly looking family bought the shop a couple of months ago, I was so worried they would go out of business too.
On my walk today I went inside to have a browse, and I am TOTALLY in love with their store!!! I am so proud to have such a gorgeously decorated and beautifully stocked fruit shop in my suburb!

The women who run the store are so friendly and chatty, and they have outfitted the shop with trinkets, and stocked fresh yogurts, honey, sauces and cheeses. I was sorry I only took loose change with me, but bought some amazingly fragrant basil to bring home. I will definitely be making more regular visits, so impressed!
Next time, I will ask to snap some photos for my blog!

For lunch today I made my low-carb favourite, and used the gorgeous basil aswell. Deli ham and cheese rolls :) So cute with the fresh basil! Yum :)
Sitting back with my laptop, watching Food Safari on YouTube and perusing my favourite blogs.. I sooo needed this!

Heading out to dinner tonight with MLH. Still undecided as to where we will go.. I feel like sushi train, or maybe ribs, or um... something awesome?
Rest assured, there will be photos!

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