Thursday, June 3, 2010

King of Kings

My dear friend from Perth is visiting this week, and I spent a glorious Wednesday afternoon with her in the Valley. We lunched at King of Kings, and then wandered and gossipped and shopped. I am in conflict over where to get the best Yum Cha in Brisbane.

This was my first visit to King of Kings. I had heard both rave and mediocre reviews, and so was curious to see how it would measure up.
We chose prawn dumplings, chive pork and prawn dumplings (above), BBQ pork buns, steamed crap dumplings (below) and sesame balls with red bean paste.

My favourite dish was the BBQ pork buns, although I can never say no to these! The ones at King of Kings were smaller than I'm used to, but they serve you 3 instead of 2. The filling was lovely, and not too sweet and the buns were gorgeously soft. We also chose the mango pancakes for dessert, however I took one bite and couldn't finish it! They were much larger than I have seen elsewhere, and as a result they were filled with far too much cream and not enough of the mango.
I think my favourite Yum Cha is still Landmark at Sunnybank, but I also really enjoy China City Seafood and also Beijing House, both on the Queen St Mall. Beijing House is great on weekends, all plates are $3.80!
I meant to take photos of all the dishes, but by the time I realised, we had eaten most of them. I am still new to this food blogging world!


  1. Oh I am a big fan of a place called ' The Manors ' at eight mile plains! well worth the trip- defs the best yum cha I have had in Bris.

  2. Thanks GG, Eight Mile Plains is really close by, I read your review, and will definitely head there next :D