Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Asian Grocery - Win!

Why do I love grocery shopping so much? I wonder if other foodie type people enjoy this as much as me. My lovely husband (who I shall affectionately refer to as MLH) occasionally does the weekly shop, and becomes similar to a truck with no brakes. He is on a mission from the moment he grabs the trolley, and seriously, old ladies stay clear! He just really despises the whole event.

For me, it's like a stroll through the park. I am completely unaware of other shoppers, unless standing next to someone in an aisle, when I will more than likely strike up a random conversation about mayonnaise or something.
I absolutely love the process and it really leads me to better understand the whole hunter / gatherer concept!

Anyway, I spend alot of time in the city and find myself quite often browsing the Asian supermarkets around town. Today I went into Formosa Asian Market on Mary St.

These places fascinate me because all the food looks delicious and I can't read any of it, so my imagination really goes into overdrive! What is in those lovely frozen buns?! Make your own Dim Sum - Yes please!

These look like mooncakes, but I don't know. And also there are these sesame covered glutinous rice cake thingies that look yummy. What fun!

CANDY!!!!!! It's all so pretty and seems so much brighter and kookier than the regular candy... but again, this could just be simply because I can't read the labels and make up my own instead.. hehe.

They have peanut mochi! Om nom nom! I love anything with peanuts or red bean! So good.

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