Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jan Powers Markets, CBD

Gorgeous Brisbane weather and delicious sweets from the CBD markets today = perfection!

I skipped lunch and had desserts instead!

First stop: Louey's. His market stall has two cabinets with mini cakes and tarts. So so so adorable. I chose the rasperry white chocolate tart and the caramel tart. LOVED the raspberry! Shortbread shell, raspberry mousse, white chocolate ganache, topped with a tangy raspberry coulis-type topping. The caramel was also lovely, topped with white chocolate.

Also sampled a vanilla and chocolate custard canolli from the awesome guys at the olive stand. One end has vanilla custard, the other chocolate, and the inside of the pastry is coated with crackly dark chocolate. So good! I asked the boys if they make the traditional ricotta canolli's, and they said they make them to order only. Picking mine up next Wednesday! Thanks guys :)

Chocolate end. Yum :) They advised me to eat the vanilla side first... because the chocolate is so much better! I loved both, but tend to agree :)

Lastly, a slice of dark chocolate and raspberry cake on a hazelnut crust. Oh my god...this was SO great. Now my only problem will be resisting the urge to visit this stall every week!
Today was so deliciously indulgent and I felt very justified venturing out into the cold tonight for my walk with MLH!!


  1. I only work parttime and i've been seriously considering changing the days i work just so i can visit this market every week!! The last time i went i grabbed some fresh oysters. I just couldn't go past them!

  2. Tell me about it! I usually have uni on a Wednesday, and have a nice big gap in classes right around lunch time!
    Such wonderful planning - thank you QUT!