Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brisbane's blessed with brownies

I've already blogged about my adoration of the Jan Powers markets. Taking a break from the Uni computer labs to wander the markets stalls and peruse all the yummy goods has become one of my favourite mid-week activities!

I now feel I need to devote a post to my favourite stallholder - Dello Mano!
On my first visit I was amazed at how generous their staff are with samples and are so friendly and chatty! I ended up buying a classic brownie and I swear to blog I almost melted with happiness! THE.MOST.AMAZING.BROWNIE.EVER.
They have gorgeous flavours, including classic belgian chocolate, espresso walnut, honey caramelised macadamia, coconut & lime, ginger & orange and gluten free classic.
I favour the classic brownie and especially love the large chunks of chocolate in the base. These go beautifully with a cappucino or chai latte, and I have been known to crumble them into my Quickoats... but I think that's just me.

The owners of Dello Mano are always a pleasure to speak with and it's delightful to see two people who are passionate about what they do, and they do it so well!
Visit their website, visit the markets, visit them in Newstead - but you MUST try these brownies, they are pure chocolate love... in my opinion :)


  1. YES good call Amanda. I freaking love these brownies so much. Gahhh. So perfect.

    I am loving the fact that you put them in your oats. That sounds dangerous.

  2. Oh my... if you chop them into chunks and let them melt a little, so sweet and delicious. My fave winter comfort food at the moment!

  3. Dello Mano's Brownies are AWESOME!!!

  4. I knooowww, they are my brownie of choice every time!

  5. Yes yes yes yes. Yesssssss. That's all.

  6. I work all day on Wednesdays, and am constantly thinking about the fact that I'm missing out on my Dello Mano fix at the Jan Powers markets in CBD, haha totally tragic! :P