Monday, February 14, 2011

Beers, bratwurst & burlesque.

Valentines Day. When Greeting Card companies around the world cash in.
My husband and I rejected the traditional displays of affection such as flowers and chocolate and went out for beer and bratwurst!

Living in the city now for a couple of months, we have already found a few of our favourite spots to eat, drink and play. I met hubby after work and we headed to the Bavarian Bier Cafe.
We've dined there twice and spent many a Friday night enjoying the gorgeous view. My husband is absolutely obsessed with their Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel, which is described as a malty, toffee flavoured bier with a delicate coffee / mocha palate and minimal bitterness.
I settled on a simple Semillon and when they brought our drinks out... well, a picture is worth many more words.That's right, 1 litre of Bavarian goodness! Look at that cheesy grin! He was so overjoyed by that beer for the entire night, I definitely scored major points for picking this restaurant last night.

The meals are brought out promptly here, we both ordered the Bavarian Tasting Platter, which includes Schnitzel, pork belly, bratwurst and small kipfler type sausages. Fantastic! I really enjoyed the sauerkraut and crispy onion strings that came with the platter, and the yellow and seeded mustard went really well with the bratwurst.
Obligatory outfit shot (I was totally channelling Minnie Mouse last night). After dinner we walked down to Kerbside for their Valentines Day flood relief Burlesque show. We scored a nice comfy couch in the front and settled in for two and a half hours of dirty humour and striptease with the fabulous Miss Bertie Page! Best Monday night ever!!


  1. wow, how did the pork belly taste like

  2. Look at you in your little lolita get up. Super cute. Only you could pull it off.

  3. Hello That's Ron, the pork belly was better than expected based on reviews I had read. The skin was crisp and crunchy and the lovely layer of pork fat underneath was all melty in your mouth :)

    We were not disappointed :D

  4. Hahaha E... Told you I sometimes dress kooky :) xoxo

  5. love love love the outfit.
    It is inspiring me to buy some hats. :D

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